Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why I decided to go NATURAL: My Journey

Lets flashback to April 2010, I had just received my last relaxer and had no intentions whatsoever of "going natural". Months went by, and one day as I was washing my hair I noticed some curls at my roots. Often times when I felt even an small amount of "poof" or "nappy" at my roots, I immediately screamed its time for a relaxer and schedule my next hair appointment, but this time was different. The curls that I saw were absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Having my hair relaxed at a very young age, I had never seen my hair in its natural state. From that day on I decided that I was going "natural". 

...My relaxer days...

 So I have been relaxer free since April 2010. My transitioning days were very tough but I managed to make it through with sew-ins, Senegalese twists and several transitioning styles such as Bantu knot-outs, flexi rod sets, and braid outs.
 Full Sew-In...June 2010

Bantu Knot Out...July 2010

Senegalese Twists

Transitioning styles were cool for all of 4 or 5 months before I got tired of it (blahh). Trying to style hair that was half curly/half straight became a big pain in the butt. After looking at lots and lots of videos on YouTube of girls documenting their big chop experience, I decided that I was gonna do it. My favorite YouTube natural hair vloggers were Nikki Mae( and Whitney ( A lot of videos I came across, showed many ways to "dress up your BC" whether it be earrings, eye makeup, or headbands. Of course I worried that this wouldn't be a good look and that I'd look like a guy because I had never had short hair, but it was something that HAD to be done. I finally got the guts and called and scheduled my BC hair appointment for December 4, 2010.

 My Big Chop..100% natural - Dec. 2010

Fast forward to now and I am still completely in love with my hair. Each day I find something to new to do with it. I recently dyed it jet black, so let the exploring begin! :)

First time trying hair banding...April 2012

Dry Braid Out...July 2012

Smaller dry two strand twists...September 2012
Wash n Go...November 2012
Straightened hair...December 2012
January 2013...Freshly dyed jet black hair

Comment! Tell me why you decided to go natural? How enjoyable is your natural hair journey?


  1. Hi cuz!! This is Jasmin from church! Do you have to do the BC in order to go natural? I have always had long hair and these past few yrs I can't seem to get it back to where it was! So I've realized its because of relaxers and I've decided to give them up and try being natural, Plz help!! Im completely lost when it comes to what products to use to prevent breakage, what syles to use and what I should do with the permed ends until the grow out.

    1. Hey cousin! No you don't have to do the BC in order to go natural. It was my personal decision to do the BC cause I was tired of trying to style half curly/half straight hair. But everybody is different so do whatever works best for you! My next post will be transitioning styles and products, so I will keep you updated!! :)


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