Monday, March 4, 2013

Night Time Routine for Flexi/Perm Rod Set

Day 3 Curls
Day 6!! Wow!!
I did a Flexi/Perm Rod on my hair a week ago and surprisingly I still have nice, intact, decent looking curls!
At night, all I did was put a satin bonnet on my hair & sort of pushed the curls upward to create a pineapple effect without a scrunchie or anything holding the curls together. I followed the same steps shown in the video below.  I did make sure to sleep carefully and try not to smash the curls when laying on my side.
In the mornings, with a small amount of Castor Oil on my hands, I separated some of the curls that had become frizzy & twirled the section around my finger to create more of a ringlet curl.

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