Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shea Moisture sells hair dye! : Shea Moisture Color System

I know I've just dyed my hair jet black earlier this year but I've already been craving a new color! I've only had color twice in my life, both times blonde highlights but I've actually been gravitating towards a  brownish/red color...hmmm?

Browsing through YouTube hair videos (as I do daily, I really need to cut it down LOL) and I came across this lovely girl's video and her review of Shea Moisture's Color System:

The pros of Shea Moistures Color System is it’s ammonia-free with natural and certified organic ingredients in 12 vibrant colors. The color is permanent and contains peroxide as it lifts colors and lightens hair. The 12 different colors include: light blonde, medium golden blonde, dark golden blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, medium chestnut brown, light auburn, dark auburn, jet black and soft black.
Shea Moisture’s new Hair Color System takes a fresh, innovative and artistic approach to dyeing hair. It reflects the passion, thought, vision and skill that goes into helping women (..or men) express themselves and their natural beauty. “We fused our knowledge of natural and certified organic healing ingredients with safe science, insights from top salon professionals and years of listening to women who wnat to enchance the health and beauty of their hair – as naturally as possible,” wrote SheaMoisture CEO Richelieu Dennis.
In the dye is certified organic ingredients, including: organic Shea butter, flaxseed oil & organic glycerin. A soy protein is added to the formula of the dye which volumizes your hair by placing a protein patch where your hair is the weakest. Linseed Oil, a natural preservative extracted from the Flaxseed, is used to protect the natural hair bristles of artist paint brushes, which are frequently washed.
Shea Moisture's Color System is sold at 400 lucky Target stores and online for $14.99.  You will receive the color Crème, radiant developer Crème, Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo, Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner, Raw She Reconstructive Finishing Elixir and of course an application brush & latex-free gloves. It is not available online at this time.

I'm definitely down to give this a dye a try! Did anyone else know about this? If you've tried it comment & let me know how it turned out! 

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