Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Q-Redew Hair Steamer Review & First Impression

Hey there!

So as a belated birthday gift my mom purchased a Q Redew Hair Steamer for me. I've been hearing great things about this personal hair steamer and my hair LIVES for moisture, like most other curly girls. I loved the way the steam put moisture back into my hair and made it feel super duper soft! :)

What is the Q-Redew?

(from website) The Q-Redew is a handheld hair steamer that quickly restores moisture, rejuvenates and reshapes hair using warm steam as mist. Used on dry hair it revives in minutes and leaves hair dry. You apply the warm steam as a mist to reshape, hydrate, volumize and style your locks. Boost your curls, restore moisture to dry hair, life flat hair, transform bedhead to your best hairstyle. Fill reservoir with water. Plug in to heat up the Q-Redew. Press the trigger to release the steam. Can be used with or without your favorite products.

Where can I purchase a Q-Redew?

You can purchase a Q-Redew here for $69.95 + $9 shipping.

Want to see the Q-Redew in action? Check out my first impression/review video:

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